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What is your home worth?

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What Do We Have For You?


Our service is 100% FREE. We will provide a detailed and up-to-date report on the CURRENT value of your home. This is the most accurate report you can get for FREE!


More Accurate Than online  "instant appraisals" - Zillow, Trulia, Realtor all have an average of 10% margin of error when assesing value! 

There are many factors involved in determining the true value of your property. Online estimates can't consider all of the important details and local factors in our market that are required to determine the current value.  We can.

We will do the research on your home to give you the most accurate estimate of your property value. 


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Your Home Value Report Will Be Prepared By:

About Me:

I'm a Arizona native and licensed
real estate agent with 
Realty One Goup.

I find great satisfaction in
helping my clients get top dollar
on the sale of their home.

I have sold homes all over
the valley in Phoenix in all types of markets and condition. I know
the real estate market very well and look forward to helping you
with my Home Value Report.

***My Marketing is A++
Negotiation A++
Fees A++ 

***Ask me about my 4.5% listing package and my "wealthy
homeowner selling strategy". 
Eric Williamson Realtor
Realty One Group
"My goal is simple...
exceed your expectation every time, exceptions"


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